3d winner model image3d winner model image3d winner model image
After conducting comprehensive tests at wind speeds of 20-30 m/s, we discovered that the most speed-optimized design is the three-blade turbine. These findings not only validate the results of our ANSYS simulations but also provide solid evidence that this specific blade configuration performs best under high-speed conditions.

Furthermore, our results have been confirmed by the Hydro Turbine Research Institute, an esteemed authority in the field. Their approval reinforces the validity of our findings and emphasizes that the three-blade design is indeed the most effective solution for high wind speeds.

It's worth noting that three-blade wind turbines are a common choice in the wind energy industry due to their balance between performance and structural stability. The specific design we've tested and optimized pushes the envelope further, making it especially effective when incorporated into high-speed vehicular applications.

This successful outcome represents a significant milestone in our research and development process. It confirms that we're on the right track and brings us a step closer to making our vision of vehicle-mounted wind turbines a reality.