Real Test results on a highway imageReal Test results on a highway image
As we progressed further into the project, we ordered a three-phase 2.7kW 48VAC wind generator with a nominal speed of 500 RPM and a weight of 26 kg. This was paired with a 1:4 planetary gearbox and coupling connection to the generator. The results were promising - at a vehicle speed of 100 km/h, the turbine speed reached 2000 RPM, and the generator speed was 250 RPM, producing 22VAC.

To supplement the energy harnessed from the wind, we also incorporated a 2kW power bank and foldable solar panels with a capacity of up to 120W. This combination of sun and wind energy worked beautifully, further strengthening the sustainable aspect of our concept.

However, as we reached this significant milestone, we found ourselves nearing the end of our budget. From the start, we understood that realizing this innovative idea would require the backing of a serious company or sponsors interested in the development of sustainable energy solutions.

Now, we are open to discussions with potential partners who share our vision. We are excited to explore business options and welcome all those interested in participating in this groundbreaking project.

It's important to note that our idea is patented worldwide, ensuring its uniqueness and providing security for potential investors. This patent reflects our dedication and belief in the potential of this idea to revolutionize the way we think about energy usage in transportation. Together, we can transform this concept into a reality and contribute to a more sustainable future.